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The ship the Philippine’s are using is one of the ships the US just gave to them last year. Unfortunately for the Philippines, it’s an old piece of crap from the 60s. Anyway the Chinese frequently use ships to harass other countries and unless the Philippines can show it has some balls, the Chinese are going to walk all over them.

One thing is for sure though. This helps guarantee more arms sales for the US over the next few years and eases the push for closer ties between the US and asean area. Thanks China


Anyone know what kind of ship a Chinese intelligence ship is?


Wed 11 Apr 2012, 17:41
Does it really qualify as a functional warship? It’s akin to India’s pre-historic aircraft carrier. Practically useless. Really highlights America’s commitment to it’s ally, lol.They’ve already started diplomacytising over this incident.

And the two Chinese surveillance vessels currently involved are these:

Just monitoring ships, designed to provide real-time surveillance of the south china sea. Not armed. As lame as the phillippine ship is, it could sink them with ease.

If the diplomatic effort fails, then China will send in frigates to confront the 13-ship philippines ’navy’ a.k.a Gregorio del Pilar and it’s entourage of floating gnomes.

如果外交手段失败 ,中国会派出驱逐舰碾压只有13艘船的菲律宾“海军”,德尔毕拉尔号和它身边漂浮的一群小舢板。

Wed 11 Apr 2012, 21:06
The Chinese again. their ships should be torpedoed on site.


Thu 12 Apr 2012, 01:52
China has regularly dismissed the protests, saying Beijing has indisputable sovereignty over those areas on historical grounds.And what are those? And do they make sence?


Thu 12 Apr 2012, 03:55
China has sent a 3rd vessel, also a civilian surveillance ship though.

中国又派出了第三艘船,又是民用海监船。 T

hu 12 Apr 2012, 04:00
A gun is a gun.A prehistoric club can still kill someone just as much as a modern one.


Vs a fishing boat, this type of naval vessel is more than adequate for thejob.


Thu 12 Apr 2012, 04:33
The Filipino navy is indeed abysmal, and even the paltry Chinese navy could quash them with ease. However there is no reason to Philippines can’t invest in a few modern vessels built either by their neighbours or a Western power. I wouldn’t want them to get a Type 45, but we could
certainly build them something of value I’m sure.

菲律宾海军太烂了,即使可怜的中国海军也能轻易打垮他们,但他们也不至于不能从邻国或西方引进一些先进的战舰啊。 我不是希望他们能得到我们的45型驱逐舰,但我们可以给他们点稍微有用点的先进装备。

Thu 12 Apr 2012, 04:51
The Chinese Navy is less than paltry, it is the dominant force in the Pacific.They can sink a Type 45 from thousands of miles away. Surface unannouced in the middle of USN wargames.The yanks are terriffied of them and if your not, you should be.Type 45 = not the right weapon system vs the Chinese.We’ll be sending subs to the China sea matey, not surface vessels.A fisheries protection veseel has no need of being expensive and hightech.Any old tub with a cannon or a machine gun will do. The cheaper the better.


We used to send our high tech frigates after Spanish fishermen, and the Spanish would just ram them. So our frigates would have to run away.A cheap old battle bus is what the job wants.

Thu 12 Apr 2012, 04:55The 7th Fleet is just shaking in terror.

Thu 12 Apr 2012, 05:10
If they sell these things to the North Koreans, the USN will be retreating to Australia.Wait a minute, it already is.


Thu 12 Apr 2012, 05:14
This has been went over already... in detail. The South China Sea: a Global Power Play.

Thu 12 Apr 2012, 05:14
You gotta love how the story makes no mention of China reverse engineering American technology to reach the level of military sophistication it hastoday.


alk about onesided.


Thu 12 Apr 2012, 05:23
The engineering was orignally Russian. Russian styled subs, and Russian style Scud’s with Russian styled Sunburn guidance systems.


Kfint.It’s been gone over in great detail. And the conclusions for the USN are they can’t defend themselves vs either Chinese subamarines or Chinese ABSM and they would have to be idiots to bring any surface vessels in range of them.


The naval balance of power in the Pacific has changed.


The USN is indeed the largets Navy in the world, but it’s not the most powerful in the pacific at this time.Or at least in in terms of navy vs navy.


It’s the most powerful in terms of force it can deploy in a non naval engagement still. Aircraft carriers, marine landings etc.


If we look at submarines on the other hand, their numbers and their capabilities, we can see that China outguns the US in the pacific and has the capability to deny them surface fleet operations completely.


Thompson the Type 45 is an AA destroyer.The Chinese don’t use aircraft navally.


They use subs and ballistic missiles with thousands of miles range.Al that is to them is target practise.


Chinese subs are perfectly capable of surfacing in the middle of a naval execise undetected. That means they are good enough to kill Us aircraft cariers even when they are being hunted for. And even with low tech weapons like torpedoes.Good enough to do the job is good eneough to do the job.


Plus. They have some new ones. Ones which launch ABSM’s. So these Chinese subs, can attack surface vessels undetected from thousands of miles away without fear of retalitation.Now you may be saying British subs can do this too, and to some extent they can, except that Tomohawk missiles can be shot down where as ballistic missiles cannot, and critically, the Chinese have more subs in the Pacific than anyone else.Our one submarine we are sending looks abuit silly compared to their 50 or 60.


Now obviously the strategic danger to he US is not a naval conflict with the Chinese. That would just go nuclear.The dangers here are that they arm their buddies North Korea with this stuff.


The other danger here is the war of manouvre.If the US fleet leaves Taiwan, and the Chinese fleet enters into Taiwan, then Taiwan is lost.

So if the US has to make a drawdown in Taiwan either for economic reasons or tactical reasons, an escalation in NK for example, the Chinese can simply sail in and take the place over without a shot being fired.


Thu 12 Apr 2012, 05:28
I’m talking about the bigger picture. Chinese military might wouldn’t be possible without an economy behind it, an economy built massively on top of leeched American innovation.Only Nixon could go to China.


Thu 12 Apr 2012, 05:34
The bigger picture is the USN is being paid for by the Chinese.When they stop lending you the money, your fleet will go the same way the Soviet fleet went.

A fleet does have to have an economy behind it, and the economy behind your is, to no small extent, theirs.

Thu 12 Apr 2012, 05:35
1.What is your point? I have said TWICE that I would not wish to sell them Type 45’s.  
2. A type 45 shoots down missiles... it’s an air defence system!
3. It also has ASW capabilities in the form of Lynx/Merlin helicopters and a sophisticated sonar.
4. The Chinese submarines are of very poor quality and many don’t even have a missile launch capability.
5. Their nuclear attack submarines are so poor quality that the crews are exposed to very high levels of radiation.
6. You be crazy bra’. Anyone who uses the return key this much clearly has issues!
2, 45型能击落导弹。。。它有一个防空系统。
3, 它当然也有反潜能力,只要搭载山猫/隼式直升机以及精密声纳系统。
4, 中国的潜艇质量其实很低,而且很多没有导弹潜射能力。
5, 他们的核潜艇质量也十分低下,其中的人员都暴露在高剂量的辐射之下。

Thu 12 Apr 2012, 05:46
My point is that you have underestimated them massively and are overestimating the Type 45 massively.


It doesn’t shoot down ballistic missiles. Nothing can. It shoots down slow missiles (or at least hopoefully it does). You know Exocets and Tomohawks etc. Not something traveling at mach 4.They fly too fast and the Chinese ones can dodge and are stealthed.


Chinese subs have already proven themselves quite able to defeats NATO ASW.


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